Thursday 26 January 2017

One thing Age Of Sigmar is doing right

Whilst I'm not a big fan of AoS, even I have to admit the range has undergone one improvement. You see, a problem I always had with the Warriors Of Chaos range was that it was a bit samey for a faction defined by the infinite mutability of corrupting magic.

They worship the god of blood and murder? Tall dudes in full plate armour with horn hats. God of plague and despair? Tall dudes in full plate armour with horn hats. God of pleasure and excess? Tall guys, horn hats. God of magic and mutation? Fucking guess. It was all just painted different colours.

This was all set against artwork and background fiction where each god's followers had their own iconography and motifs. One thing Aos definitely has going for it is that, finally, mortal Chaos has some visual diversity to it. There's a real visual distinction between the Khorne Bloodbound...
and the Disciples of Tzeentch.
I'm really looking forward to when they get around to Nurgle. There are some fantastic Avatars Of War miniatures in their Corrupters Of The Apocalypse range, I have some myself, but I really want to see what GW does with them. No offence to Avatars but GW do just have better miniatures technology and, y'know, legal rights to all the iconography. Plus, a plastic Great Unclean One will be a nice addition to my Death Guard.

Also, if Pestigor are going to make a Tzaangor-esque comeback you won't hear any complaints from me. I am a big Chaos fan and the fact that GW are going back to the deep background is heartening to me. Probably a unique case since Chaos is the only faction that really relates to its old Fantasy Battles background but I'll take what benefit I can get from this new game, to be perfectly frank. 

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