Monday 23 January 2017

All aboard the Trump trainwreck!

If nothing else, we can credit the US electoral college (rather than, you know, an actual majority of the electorate) with providing us an interesting limit case study: just what will it take to sink Trump?

I mean, here we are, less than half a week in and we have a sparsely attended inauguration followed by a full 1% of the total US population turning out in protest across the country; sister protests in solidarity on every continent including Antarctica; Trump's press secretary (the oddly animatronic Sean Spicer) throwing a hissy fit at the press corps for daring to accurately report the low turn out; the US just doesn't have a diplomatic corps right now since Trump fired all the ambassadors without replacing them; and, Trump banning the National Parks Service from Twitter after they dared to post an unedited photo comparing the attendance of Trump and Obama's inaugurations.

Still, credit The Donald with something, he's made me feel sorry for Theresa May.

Thanks, Trump!

No, but seriously, folks: May has been banging on for ages about how once we piss of the EU and fail to get a trade deal for after Brexit (which will happen since this stupid old bat thinks threatening the people you're negotiating with is a good idea) that we'll be able to get a good trade deal with the US. In fact, she's going to Washington next week to talk to Trump about that very subject.

So what she's got to do is get a trade deal out of a man infamous for reneging on his deals, who just delivered an enormous policy speech where he basically said that he's going to look after US interests to the exclusion of all else.

And we don't have a US ambassador right now so how we're going to carry out the formal negotiations is anyone's guess.

By Twitter, perhaps?

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