Monday 1 June 2020

Pre-9th edition project: The Cult of the Bladed Cog

Okay, so its new edition time. Again. Already. Too soon, in my opinion, but capitalism gonna capitalism and the bare minimun decency has been adhered to and the codex books are backwards compatible.

For the most part I like what's been revealed. Vehicles can fire their weapons in combat! My Deathwatch get the new starter set Primaris! There are Primaris bikes (congratulations White Scars fans)! Necrons are getting the mother of all range refreshes! No more clear green plastic! More command points! Whatever the hell they were talking about with that flyer reveal!

And, my goodness, do I need some motivation to paint right now. Intellectually I know I have to do something fun between shifts as an underappreciated and ridiculously at risk frontline worker. And, honestly, painting is just about the best hobby I have right now: I can do it sitting down in my home; I have plenty of it to be getting on with (who doesn't in this hobby?); and, its pretty undemanding of energy. 

But... motivation.

Well, new edition, motivation restored. A bit. I guess.

(Oh, shut up, James, and get on with it...)

So, I want to try and finish off my 100 power level Genestealer Cults army. Or get a nice chunk of it finished. I have almost all the models built and at least undercoated with more than a few of them firmly in the “work in progress” stages and even a couple finished completely. I have a colour scheme (the Cult of the Bladed Cog) and I've played enough games that I know I enjoy the play style.

The army, incidentally, looks like this:

1 Magus with 1 Familiar.
1 Primus.
1 Acolyte Iconward.
1 Abominant.

10 Hybrid Metamorphs.
2x5 Aberrants.
1 Clamavus.
1 Locus.
1 Kellermorph.

20 Neophyte Hybrids.
15 Acolyte Hybrids.
2x10 Brood Brothers.

1 Achilles Ridgerunner.
4 Atalan Jackals with 1 Atalan Wolfquad.

2x Cult Leman Russ.
1 Goliath Rockgrinder

So far finished are the Magus; the Iconward; 5 Aberrants; 15 Neophytes; 5 Acolytes; and, the Ridgerunner. Its a start and it means I have the basic methods down. The only things I haven't built are the Brood Brothers (I'm subbing in some Imperial Guard troops from another project in the mean time).

I also need, and this is debateably more important, to start writing some background for this army. The basic premise is simple: they're rebels with a particular grudge against the Adeptus Mechanicus. My own rational for this group is that they've escaped their original world before the Hive Fleet arrived in order to spread the cause of freedom and brotherhood under the benevolence of the six-armed space gods to other Forge Worlds currently suffering under the iron boot of a regime that doesn't want to eat them (exploit, yes, digest, no).

Oh, but I do love being the bad guys. Its so much more fun.