Wednesday 18 January 2017

James caught Araquanid!

As predicted my Stufful did not last long as a party member. I like the design well enough, the whole stuffed bear thing is cute, but he resolutely refuses to learn anything useful as it is a Fighting-type that seems allergic to learning Fighting moves. Honestly, the only thing that kept him in my party as long as he was was the fact that nothing I caught looked that interesting to me.

Until Malie Gardens. Until the Araquanid.

Just look at this thing! Its a Water/Bug dual type which is a fantastic combination I don't think they've ever done before. I love Bug-types, they always look so cool, and the only other Water-types I'd managed to catch so far were a Wingull (hate what they evolve into) and a Magikarp (and I have had a Gyarados in so many of these games its now boring). So, yay, Water type!

Admittedly, a Water-type that will die whenever a Flying looks at it but a cool looking Water-type and that's what counts! 

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