Wednesday 11 January 2017

Facing the test (model) of Tzeentch

Or, James Doles Out Fashion Advice To An Apocalyptic Sorcerer

I did want to get the actually Tzeentchian sorcerer model but he's out of production! Presumably temporarily pending a repackaging for the Disciples Of Tzeentch release but, still, for the moment the generic plastic Chaos Sorcerer will have to do...
image from GW webstore
So, how to paint this fine and handsome fellow. Now, the GW example above is absolutely rocking that Archaon's Horde bare metal and black cloth look. Now, that's very Chaos Undivided and I'm going for a Tzeentch theme but I am feeling the bare metal. Maybe I could try a blue ink or glaze to make it look a bit more magicky? I did something similar on the gromril plate of my Dwarf Ironbreakers and its a good effect. Part of me wants to go for a lacquered armour effect but none of the obviously Tzeentchian options really grab me as a colour I'd want on every bit of plate armour in my horde. Definitely keeping the gold trim, though.

As for the cloth? A medium blue, I think. Maybe the new Thousand Sons Blue or the Lizardmen skin palette.

Actually, talking of skin, how to do that head bothers me. I'm not sure about the stark white used here but I absolutely don't want to go with the vibrant blue skintones 'Eavy Metal have been using on the new Tzaangors. Certainly not in ordinary skin tones, it wouldn't suit the look of someone so mutated. Something to think on, certainly. 

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