Sunday 1 January 2017


2016 was a thoroughly miserable year full of all sorts of political stupidity in which approximately 80% of all celebrities ended up dead. Maybe 2017 will be better, maybe not (we've certainly got plenty of political insanity booked in for the next couple of months) but its a new year, yes it is...
and so its time to lay out some plans for this blog. Just a few ideas and projects for the coming year to be tackled at whatever pace takes my fancy.

Weekly Comic Reviews & The Comics Ramble

This started off as a comics blog, a subject I have endless thoughts about and stacks of material to read through in search of further thinkings. So, for one thing I want to get back to doing weekly reviews, probably on a Friday as my work schedule doesn't really allow me to read them straight off. For another, I want to write some retrospectives on old comics I love and that's going to be The Comics Ramble: longer reviews recommending graphic novels, series, webcomics or whatever else I feel like chatting on about.

Paint my Bretonnia army

There is a beautiful, beautiful invention called the Army Painter Insane Detail Brush. It is a wonderful thing that makes me believe that I can finally try my hand at freehand heraldry. Bretonnians were for many years my signature army and, lucky for me, I stockpiled a fair few for myself before they went out of production. I have all sorts of ideas for character and unit conversions and its about time I got around to them.

Its obviously going to be a rather slow project since I want to paint every knight with individual colours and heraldric devices. I know if they're the only thing I'm working on I'll get frustrated and bored so I'll continue working on my Dwarfs and Wood Elves so I can feel some sense of progress, maybe a few Night Goblins here and there.

I'll also post more of my hobby progress because the chance to show off is always a great motivator.

Get back into playing Warhammer 40,000

Fantasy is definitely my preferred game but I must admit to enjoying a bit of round based grimness every now and again. My housemate Matt has ideas about a modified Kill Team ruleset he wants to try out for smaller scale games, which sounds like fun. At the moment I'm working on Flesh Tearers (to have a quick and simple army I understand to start out with) and Genestealer Cults (for something fresh and interesting because I have wanted this army forever). Again, progress to be posted as its made.

Finish watching classic Doctor Who

I'm almost at the point where, reconstructions included, I've watched as much classic Who as its possible to get. There's just a few odds and ends left on the docket: the animated Power Of The Daleks; the recovered episode of The Underwater Menace; K9 And Company; and, Scream Of The Shalka. Once that's done I might give another go to the idea of a complete watchthrough, Totters Lane to Perivale and all stops inbetween.

Write something about every Big Finish release I listen to

Like comics, Doctor Who is something I have endless opinions on. I won't say I'll review everything I get from BF, that's a bit too organised for me, but I'm sure I can muster something for every release even if its only fanboy squealing about how much I love Helen Sinclair and Liv Chenka when Doom Coalition 4 comes out.

Write about wrestling

One of my housemates has the WWE Network and we watch pretty much every pay-per-view so I might as well review them. Plus, I have a lot of strong (largely positive) feelings about the women's division. Maybe even do some of that there fantasy booking that's all the rage. How I Would Book The Four Horsewomen Fatal Fourway, perhaps?

That seems like enough to be getting on with for the moment. 

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