Sunday 29 January 2017

Hobby Goal #4

Hobby Goal #3
Build my Kairic Acolytes

Unfortunately, with one thing and another, I didn't make any progress on the painting side of things but I did manage to get the Acolytes build to deadline.

They're a lovely looking kit but a bit of a nightmare to put together. There are a lot of very small components on the spure and not just optional extras, either, we're talking about tiny, tiny sections of arm for which there are no spares. This is definitely a kit to build in the cleanest environment with the least grey carpet you have available to you.

I don't foresee myself buying another of these kits but this is Warriors Of Chaos we're talking about, you don't really need more than one of anything.

For those wondering about the old school Fantasy-ness of it all, the Acolyte with the Scroll Of Dark Arts will be counting as a standard bearer and the Acolyte with the Vulcharc as a musician.

Hobby Goal #4
Paint my Kairic Acolytes

Nice and simple: I want these babies painted and sanded by the time my Lord Of Change arrives at the shop on Saturday. They're pretty complicated but I have a couple of days off this week and nothing really to do on them so here we go. 

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