Wednesday 25 January 2017

Now That's What I Call Patriarchy 2017 (part one of infinity)

cartoon by Norwegian artist Bloom
Let's talk about abortion because I'm a white man and apparently that means I'm the only person qualified to do so!

(content warnings: abortion, unwanted pregnancy, misogyny and death)
"No one has more respect for women than me, I made
murdering them my first policy priority!"
If you ever wondered what “The Patriarchy” was you'll never get a better illustration than this: seven wealthy white men behind a desk signing an order that will limit access to abortion for women around the world. I mean, if you saw that in a TV show you'd accuse the writers of being too on the nose.

And the fact is that less than halfway through its first week the Trump administration has shown where its priorities are. They don't have a full cabinet yet, they have almost a whole roster of international ambassadors to appoint, there's a growing rift between the White House and the intelligence agencies, serious ethical and legal issues from the election still unaddressed, the list goes on.

But no, first order of priority goes to screwing over women around the world. The contempt of it is appalling. To force doctors in non-governmental organisations to choose between giving a patient full informed consent over their care and continuing to receive funding is ethically wrong.

Women will die because of this executive order. Some will die because of unsafe abortions carried out because they didn't know the safe options. Some will die in childbirth because of complications that make a safe birth impossible. Some will die by their own hands, don't imagine they won't, force someone into a situation of inescapable desperation and its inevitable some will react that way.

And you can believe me on this because I'm a white man and that makes me an authority on everything to do with a woman's body. 

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