Sunday 15 January 2017

Hobby Goal 2017 #2

Hobby Goal #1:
Complete a project currently on the painting table

Yes, they still need basing but the paintjob itself is complete. Apologies for shitty camerawork. I finished these models yesterday evening and I'm away today so I was forced to use a desk lamp for lighting.

Regardless, these models have come out quite well. I've been trying to get a good “bone” effect on armour for some time, something sketchy and macabre that feels Chaos-y. These are the first models in a new incarnation of my oldest army, my beloved Traitor Guard, the Shadowen.

So, having finished one goal, time to set another.

Hobby Goal #2:
Finish my Dwarf Rangers

Another unit that has been on the painting table since before Christmas: twelve Dwarf Rangers kitbashed from a combination of Dwarf Warriors and Quarrellers. In the main I just have to do some metallics, the axe hafts and the crossbows. It'll also feel somewhat satisfying to finish a complete unit.

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