Monday 23 March 2020

Socially isolating with the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

Like everyone else in this country I'm rather cut off from social contact for the moment. I'm not full-on self-isolating (yet!) because of where I work but its not like I'm going out of an evening any time soon.

My housemate and I decided we needed a project to throw ourselves into in the meantime and so we've decided to get into the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. He's bought the rulebooks and the Battle of Pelennor Fields box set and I dug up some old Haradrim models I bought once upon a time when they were new.

At the moment I have absolutely no idea how this system works, my housemate is still working his way through the rules and I'll have a look once he's finished. All I know is that I have six cavalry and twenty four infantry that need painting.

Why the Haradrim? Because I love their colours. A lot of the LoTR armies are either very plain silver armour or a very plain selection of earth tones but the Haradrim have a gorgeous palate of deep reds, purples and blues with gold armour to work with. I also want to try out some ways of doing non-Caucasian skintones. Hopefully my first fumbling attempts at this won't come out too stereotypical.

At the moment I have a box of infantry and a box of cavalry, which I'm told is a not-inconsiderable force in its own right. I actually like that. I mean, I love collecting a massive and varied army in Warhammer and 40k but for a new system I'd prefer to start small.

Pictures once I complete some test models.