Monday 16 January 2017

A petty complaint about Pokemon Sun

Too tired to write about the UK Championship Tournament. We'll do that tomorrow, today we'll deal with some petty griping I've been holding onto since Christmas by way of filler.

I am, by and large, greatly enjoying Pokemon Sun. Yes, I was originally going to get Moon but on release day Moon sold out and I didn't want to wait. Idiot me, though, it turned out Alolan Sandshrews were Moon exclusive. Sandshrews are one of the my favourite Pokemon. What's more, the Alolan form is an Ice/Steel dual type rather instead of a Ground type.

I don't like Ground types.

My team at present, just starting the third island, stands as follows: my starter, Harvey the Dartrix; Scarlet the Fletchinder, an old favourite from Pokemon X; Moira the Jolteon; Slinky the Salandit; Pinky the Stufful (box-bound as soon as something better comes along); and, my MVP Rasputin the Raticate. By and large I am very much enjoying this game.

I do, however, have a complaint about the game not based on my impatience and version exclusivity.

Firstly: did the tutorial stage have to be the whole first island? I get that I've played a lot of these games (every version except Black/White, I believe) and that there are new players in every generation but... well, there are going to be players like me so why not design around that? Why not make the tutorials optional. I know how to use the Pokecentre, I know how to buy things and use Pokeballs.

Hell, in Pokemon X, I had four Pokemon in my team before that random kid taught me how to catch things. At this stage its just a time sink and I really think it could stand to be skippable.

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