Monday 9 January 2017

River Solo

(spoilers for series one and two of The Diary Of River Song)
I'm three quarters of the way through the second Diary box set and, as much as I enjoy the novelty of it, I think the whole “River meets past Doctors” thing might have run its course. Time War-era McGann turning up in the first series was cool and I've enjoyed listening to Kingston bouncing off McCoy and Baker C but the thing is that I really, really want to get a proper solo adventure for River, one that has nothing whatsoever to do with her husband.

This isn't me banging the feminist drum but... okay, it sort of is. I get the attraction of banging the new series and classic toys together to see what happens but I rather wanted solo River adventures from a River series. Instead, fully half of her episodes so far have involved the Doctor (more if you count all that Doom Coalition stuff with McGann).

Sadly, I think having now done the Eight, Seventh and Sixth Doctors meeting River they'll want to at least complete the set of living Doctors with Davison and Tom Baker. I won't lie, part of me's looking forward to that, especially River in all her vampy glory squaring off with Davison's pleasantly open faced earnestness.

The thing is, given the life Big Finish have breathed into Bernice Summerfield, Iris Wildthyme and Jago & Litefoot away from the Doctor I'd love to see what they'd do with River by having her operating completely solo.

If nothing else they could have fun inventing lots of those numerous husbands and wives she apparently has over the years.

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