Wednesday 1 April 2015

What Jeremy Clarkson should do next

Seriously, I did not pick this picture to make any king of point,
this was the #1 result on Google Image Search
So I had this great idea for Jeremy Clarkson's next career move now the BBC have booted him over the whole assaulting his producer thing. Obviously, he's just going to end up on another channel bringing in millions of viewers for another car show but there's another branch of entertainment he'd be perfect for.

Just look at the facts: he's pretty rough looking, casually racist, casually misogynist, casually homophobic, and he recently punched his boss.
Their Wrestlemania match was amazing, by the way, pure nerd pleasing spectacle.
Is this not the perfect set of qualifications for going into professional wrestling? 

Okay, with Clarkson it isn't an act but there have been any number of genuine dickbags in pro wrestling. I mean, he's obviously too old for the ring but he'd make a decent manager, maybe even make him general manager of one of the brands in a year or so's time. (I'm just getting back into wrestling now the WWE Network's online so I'm honestly not sure who the general managers are at this stage so in case he's still around I am not lobbying for Teddy Long to be replaced. Teddy Long is amazing, playa!.)

The highlight of it would, of course, be watching Clarkson and JBL trying to out-conservative each other at the announce table.

Just an idea. 

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