Saturday 25 April 2015

Lord Mazdamundi cometh

Funny thing about Warhammer is that once your hobbyist friends hear you're starting a new army its only a matter of time before someone tries to offload their abandoned projects on you. I started my Lizardmen army less than a week ago, I've only just finished building one small unit (12 Skink Skirmishers, as it happens) and a Skink Priest, I have nothing painted and already my friends are lining up to sell me their Lizardmen at dirt cheap prices.

I don't mind. Absolutely, I do not mind. I even got a nice compliment out of the exchange, as my friend Matt told me he liked the Lizardmen but he'd never got the colour scheme to work but I'm “better with bright colour palettes” so he thought I'd do better with them.

So in addition to my Battalion and Skink Priest I now have 26 additional Saurus Warriors; 3 unbuilt Terradon Riders; 3 Kroxigor and one broken Kroxigor; the old metal Saurus Oldblood (a model I hate but it was chucked in for free); the 2003 Army Deal limited edition Battle Standard Bearer; and most of a Slann-Mage Priest.

Its the “most of a Slann-Mage Priest” that I'm most enthusiastic about. Its just the Slaan, Matt's lost the Palanquin he's meant to sit on and there's only one thing you can do with an unmounted Slann:

Convert Lord Mazdamundi!

What I like the most about Mazdamundi, in all honesty, is the visual. Where most Mage-Priests glide serenely along on their Palanquins, Mazdamundi rides into battle on top of an Ancient Stegadon. He has some nice rules but to be honest I'll likely only be making him for fun more than for use in-game. He's a 780 points Lords choice so not terribly practical, especially considering my massive bias towards having legions of infantry about the place and spending as little as possible on character classes.

Still, it will be fun taking a Stegadon and making it as ornate as possible, as befits the chosen mount of the one of the holy Mage-Priests. 

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