Monday 13 April 2015

One week hobby challenge, one day later

Its not going too badly, I might actually finish the Glade Lord tonight. What's better is that as well as getting quite a way into painting the Glade Lord I've finished up three other models (a couple of Gretchin and my female Guardsman proof of concept model) and got some layers on a few others. All the time, though, I've been making steady progress on the Glade Lord because that's what I want to get done in a generous time limit.

I think I might have finally found a decent motivational method.

The Glade Lord is also really enjoyable to paint. Its deceptively simple, I got the base colours and inks done in an afternoon. It has a lot of large, block areas and it all divides up nicely into clearly defined areas. Plus the way I'm doing the armour is dead easy: Balthasar Gold followed by Sycoraz Bronze and done, maybe a little Runefang highlight. 

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