Friday 17 April 2015

White, my old nemesis, DEFEATED!

I'd pretty much given up, to be honest. I tried painting up to white through blue and it just looked blue. I tried going up through grey and I could still see the grey through the white layer. I tried Ceramite White, which GW claims is a base paint but just dries too inconsistently, at least whenever I've tried it. Then there's White Scar itself, which as a layer looks like you've dipped your miniature in warm milk.

Then last night I picked up the wrong paint and cracked it. I wanted some Pallid Wych Flesh to paint over Rakarth Flesh but I picked up the Ulthuan Grey instead. The result...

Yes, I know its just a little omega but the fact that it looks consistent after only two coats is a miracle by my standards. A little highlight of White Scar (which is what that milky crap is for) and it should look very nearly perfect. Up close the layer is a little scrappy but I put that down to the fact the Ulthuan Grey is a little thick in the pot, if I pick up a new pot it should work a lot better.

The vistas this opens up... I can finally paint the High Elves army I've always wanted, eyeing with envy the work of anyone who can paint all those white robes (white robes are mandatory, absolutely mandatory). I can have a White Scars army since this method only requires three layers so I won't be screaming in rage when their red-on-white honour markings go wrong and I need to touch up the white.

I know this just sounds like petty self-satisfaction (and after twelve years of trying it bloody is) but since this is a way of painting white that works but that I've never seen in any painting guide or recommended by any GW staffer it might just be useful to someone.

I mean, mainly I'm just cackling to myself here but if it helps someone...

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