Thursday 30 April 2015

Playing with the Realm Of Chaos charts

Last night my friend Matt and I were flicking through the old Realm Of Chaos sourcebooks and decided to try our hands at rolling up some Chaos champions using the D100 and D1,000 tables. Obviously, most of the rules are completely obsolete now so we agreed to re-roll anything that we couldn't model. We also decided the number of rolls we'd get would be equal to the sacred number of the champion's god (eight if we went Chaos Undivided).

I don't usually go in for random generation but it seemed like fun and Matt was recovering from dental surgery so an activity that didn't involve much talking seemed like a good idea. Anyway, I went with a Tzeentchian and my nine rolls netted me the following:

First roll got me off to a good start by netting me a Disc of Tzeentch to carry my champion into battle.

Second roll sent me to the Chaos Gifts table where I rolled up Weapons Master which is essentially a skills buff but modelling the weapon will be fun in an of itself, Chaos weapons always are.

Third roll got me one hell of an entourage as I generated four Chaos Spawn. Now, you're always going to get at least one bloody useless or stupid thing with random generation and just lumbering myself with four Chaos Spawn was frankly merciful by the standards of a system that can net you a Silly Voice, Silly Walk, Big Ears, Bird's Feet or Enormous Nose. Yes, four Spawn is practically getting away Scot free.

Rolls four and five both came up Daemon Weapon. So I rolled on the Daemon Weapons table and got Vampire (so the first weapon craves blood) and Howling (which is equally self-explanatory).

Rolls six and seven both landed on Gift of the Gods. The first gift was Magic Of Tzeentch, in particular a Cordial of Tzeentch which is just a random potion, just a fun little something to model on. I also got Withering Gaze which means my champion has “the gaze of a Lord of Change”, which has some combat benefits in the old rules and I choose to interpret it as a level of precognition.

Roll eight was another Daemonic Weapon roll. As per the rules this means two of the three Daemon Weapon attributes I've rolled have to be poured into a single weapon. This roll got me Animation, which allows the weapon to fly off and attack people on its own. I've decided to combine the Animation and Vampire attributes so the one weapon will act as a sort of attack hound whilst the one with Howling stays with the champion, maybe even whispering him advice as a sort of familiar.

My final roll got me yet another pet, this time a Flamer of Tzeentch which I chose not to roll Chaos Attributes for (I didn't know I had the option, in all honesty, but I don't think I would have bothered anyway).

I am absolutely determined to model this character, especially since it gives me an excuse to buy one of those Burning Chariots Of Tzeentch models I've been ogling for a while. 

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