Wednesday 22 April 2015

2015 Summer Project Begins

The reason I've been so keen to get back into miniature painting is because I wanted to resurrect an old personal tradition of mine: the summer army project. I used to start a new army in the summer when the light was good for painting and the air was dry for undercoating so I'd have it ready for the cold, dark evenings of winter when our gaming group gets most of its playing done. I wanted to do it again this year. There's also the fact that, with all this uncertainty surrounding the future of Fantasy, its probably a good time to get around to an army I've been forever on the verge of starting.
Lizardmen. Aztec dinosaur men, many of whom are riding other dinosaurs into battle and who view the world in terms of pure mathematics (no, seriously, everything is equations to them).

They're also blue. I like blue, its a calming colour even when its on giant dinosaur mathematicians.

Yesterday I dropped into Games Workshop and picked up the two kits that have usually started me off on these projects: a Battalion box set and a character model. So now I have a plastic Skink Priest, 12 Skinks, 20 Saurus Warriors, 8 Saurus Cavalry and 10 Temple Guard waiting to be built. Its a solid core to build the army around and I'll probably splash out on a second Battalion at some point since between them they'll have with all the Core troops I'll ever need (okay, maybe more Skinks) and then I can concentrate on getting the cooler monstrous stuff like Stegadons and Trogolodons.

Yeah, I don't care if the Troglodon “is weak in the meta”, it looks amazing and monstrous mounts for Lords have never really worked for me.

Now to get started building this Battalion. 

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