Sunday 26 April 2015

Weekly War Diary #1

One Week Hobby Challenge

I did not get the Meganobz finished. There are still a lot of metallics to do. Life got in the way, oh well. Getting the whole unit done in a week, a week when I knew I had stuff on as well, was overambitious and the only answer to being too ambitious is to be even more ambitious!

This week's challenge is to paint twelve models! Twelve tiny and much simpler models, to be sure, but still twelve models: the Skink Skirmishers from my Lizardmen Battalion. I want to get decent head start on this project and these are the smallest, simplest models in the box. They're mainly skin and scales, in fact the only complicated component on them seems to be the blowpipes which have little bits of detailing along them.

Completed models this week
Model 2015.8: Inquisition Psyker Junko Antioch

I'm so stupidly happy the white on the Ultra came out this well its genuinely pathetic. Anyway, this is the second member of the Inquisitorial warband: the Ultramarian Sanction Psyker Junko Antioch. If his fatigues look overly simple its because they're meant to be. Psykers are a pretty disposable resource in the Guard and I imagined he'd just be handed a boiler suit-esque uniform when he was enlisted and sent on his way.
2015.9 and 2015.10: Orks Gretchin with grot blasters

2015.11: Typhus the Herald of Nurgle

Typhus is absolutely one of my favourite models ever made and he was a joy to paint, even if I was constantly finding new metallic details on him that needed going over before he was done. The green on the armour is the same green I've been using for Ork flesh and it works surprisingly well on armour plate. Death Guard are one of those armies I've always wanted and maybe I'll pursue that after the Orks are a bit closer to completion (by which I mean having significantly more than seven small figures finished). 
2015.12 and 2015.13: Orks Gretchin with grot blasters

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