Friday 24 April 2015

My Little Shelf of Progress

I have a little shelf in my room just to one side of where I set up my painting table. When I finish a model and move it off the paint station it lives on that shelf for a while in a little line-up with its fellows until conditions are right to get the Purity Seal out and varnish them.

It actually helps to motivate me to have this little reminder that I'm getting stuff done again right there to look at whenever I need it. The Meganobz are proving more challenging than I anticipated, they have a lot more fiddly detail than I thought they did. Still, I don't even mind if I don't get those finished to deadline, there's nothing riding on it, it was just to motivate me. I'm going to continue the One Week Challenge idea (probably something from the Lizardmen Battalion next week) but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking it actually matters.

Rather, what the One Week Challenge is about is focusing my efforts on one particular thing but still having other projects going on to one side. Its how I work best with my hobby. I envy people who can concentrate on one project and get it done in a timely fashion but I'm just not one of them.

Still, when the insane amount of gubbins on these Meganobz frustrates me I can look over at the Little Shelf Of Progress and see that I am getting things done even if its taking me days just to do all the wires and tubes on the backs of these green buggers. As I write this there are six models sitting up there that weren't there when I took those photos on Saturday. True, four of them are Gretchin but a completed model is a completed model, in my view. One of the other two is amongst my favourite models ever but we'll get to that when I do my progress report on Sunday.

It really is important in this hobby to remind yourself when you're making progress, especially when you're painting an endless tide of models like Orks. 

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