Sunday 12 April 2015

One Week Hobby Challenge: model selection

As a spur to get some momentum behind my painting I've determined to start and finish a model within the week. funnily enough, even the process of choosing a model, one that will give me maximum enjoyment in painting, has been quite fun.
The photo even came out well, now I just have to work out how that happened.
Its going to be the Wood Elves Glade Lord with Great Weapon, a lovely sculpt that's aged very well. Its nearly ten years old, it made the transition to resin very well with all that lovely detail on the armour and the quiver. It also has a lot of different materials to paint: armour, cloth, wood, the steel blade, the hair, so I'll be getting a lot of practical experience for the rest of the army.

Time for a shout-out because I'm not painting this completely on my own initiative: I'll be making a lot of reference to this painting tutorial by The Apathetic Fish on Youtube. He does great painting tutorials and I recommend them to anyone painting GW miniatures. Not only does he explain himself well, working stage-by-stage so you can follow along, but he generally uses GW paints. I realise there are probably better paints out there but the GW Citadel range is what I have easy access to and I imagine that's true for a lot of hobbyists. Its useful not to have to stare at the screen trying to work out what GW paint corresponds to the colour on screen and hoping it'll layer the same way (which it usually won't because chemistry). This way is just more useful to me.

So I have my model, I have a list of techniques I want to test out, I have seven days to do it and once its done I'll have either 151 or 79 points of my Wood Elves finished (can't decide whether this will be a Glade Lord or Captain).


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