Saturday 6 September 2014

That's Quite Shiny: Morghasts and Spirit Hosts

Its that time of week again and the GW pre-orders are up! After two weeks of single model releases (albeit a very versatile single model last week) this week they're pushing the boat out with two models!
I'm being facetious because both kits are absolutely gorgeousy. To start there are the Morghast Archai/Harbingers, two models for £36 and they're huge by the look of them. They more than fill their chariot bases and those bone wings are fantastic. There are already people online calling this kit the “two for one Nurgle Daemon Prince box” and I won't disagree, seems like a great use for them.

I can't really say more about what I think of them because I haven't actually reached their background in the Nagash books. As such I don't know how well what they look like matches up with what they're meant to represents. That's really the big test of a model as far as I'm concerned.

Perversely it isn't the big winged bone things of awesomeness that are catching my attention this week but the rather more modest Spirit Hosts (3 bases for £16). I've wanted Spirit Hosts for my Vampire Counts for years but the standing miniatures were... well, look at them...
Good in their time, I am sure, but outdated now. If we could just get some decent Fell Bats that would pretty much complete the range. 

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