Wednesday 10 September 2014

16 Weeks, 80 Models, the Reign of 1,000,000 Years

This was actually inspired by the Warhammer World trip I'll now not be able to make but I'm determined to salvage something from it all. You see, I had this notion of giving my Tomb Kings their inaugural game at Warhammer World. On what would have been my first visit to Warhammer World, actually. Not going to happen now but before I found that out I came up with a pretty workable army list for getting ready in time and it goes a little something like this:

Tomb King (170) armed with great weapon (6) and wearing light armour and riding a chariot (55). 231 points
Liche Priest (70), Level 2 Wizard (35) using the Lore of Nehekhara. Hierophant. 105 points
Liche Priest (70), Level 2 Wizard (35) using the Lore of Nehekhara. 105 points
Necrotect (60) armed with two hand weapons including whip wearing light armour. 60 points
3 Skeleton Chariots (165) pulled by Skeletal Steeds each crewed by 2 Skeleton Charioteers armed with spears and bows, full command (30). 195 points
5 Skeleton Horse Archers (70) armed with bows, full command (30). 100 points
20 Skeleton Warriors (80) armed with spears (20), shields and light armour (20), full command (30). 150 points
20 Skeleton Warriors (80) armed with hand weapons, shields and light armour (20), full command (30). 130 points
3 Sepulchral Stalkers (165). 165 points
20 Tomb Guard (220) armed with halberds (40) and shields, full command (30). 290 points
Tomb Scorpion (85). 85 points
3 Ushabti (150) with great weapons, champion (10). 160 points
Necrosphinx (225). 225 points

Total: 2001 points

There are sixteen weeks until New Year and this army, which is pretty elite by my standards, has eighty models so that works out at five models a week. Fair declaration: I do actually have fifteen Skeleton Spearmen finished already from my last stab at this army so that's even less work to do (though I'm not too happy with them and might re-paint them if I have time at the end of the project).

Having not played the army myself and, in fact, never having played against Tomb Kings in my life I'm forced to go back to first principles: include what I seem to need and then just pick up what looks pretty. I've got the basic sort of general; the necessary wizards; a buffing character I like the sculpt of; plenty of core plastics; and finally lots and lots of pretty centrepiece kits.

The reward tree needs a little tweaking since there are things I actually need to finish now and it reads like this:

500 points: Ushabti.
1000 points: Necrosphinx

then we'll see where we are when we get to 1500. Probably I'll start rewarding myself with minis from outside the Tomb Kings to offset boredom. The Warsphinx will be painted one day (sorry, Matt, it was a lovely present) but, to be honest, I'm kind of going off the idea of buying Nagash. It's a lovely model but not of much use to me. The Undead Legion is cool but I've never been one for special characters. I might get a Mortarch kit to make a Vampire Lord on Abyssal Steed (which is what it is for, I don't care what anyone else says). Okay, let's say that for 1500, provisionally.

Project Tracker
15 of 80 models completed.

Reward Tracker

15 Skeletons Warriors with spears, shields and light armour = 90 points (410 points to next reward). 

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