Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sometimes the universe just gives you stuff

So two days before a house inspection is a great time for your shower drain and bathroom sink to both clog. Add in a few work issues and having to cancel a trip I was really looking forward to but then the internet just out of nowhere delivered me two really, really great announcements:

ANNOUNCEMENT ONE: Gail Simone's super secret post-Batgirl project is a Secret Six relaunch! Not entirely the old team, it seems, but the Comicbook Resources article name checks Catman and Black Alice and since Simone is apparently incapable of writing a series without Ragdoll turning up I can but hope.

It could go wrong, anything can go wrong. Maybe DC will have put some creative fetters on Simone when the last incarnation of the series thrived on editorial distance. Maybe the law of diminishing returns will strike as it often does when an author returns to one of their great works a few years down the line. It must be said, thought, that DC has been making real improvements ion the not-fucking-up stakes this past year so I feel positive about this announcement. If this had been announced in 2012 I'd have very little faith in it. We shall see.
ANNOUNCEMENT (-sh) TWO: a teaser video on Games Workshop's blog that (please please please) points to a Space Hulk set coming to pre-order next weekend. It shows a Space Marine being strapped into Terminator armour with flashes of Genestealers spliced in.

I can't begin to think of another interpretation of putting those two images together. If it is Space Hulk then I'm in. I was completely broke when the last set came out in 2009 and it sold out on me in about a day. Those Blood Angels Terminators were gorgeous and even after five years have never been bettered: not by Wolf Guard Terminators, not by Deathwing Knights, not even by the Forge World sculpts.

Whether its a new set (I am kind of hoping for the “other” Space Hulk Terminators: Dark Angels Deathwing) or just a re-release of the 2009 set I am absolutely, definitely putting money down for this. 


SallyP said...

I am SO thrilled that Gail Simone is bringing back Secret Six, that I can hardly breathe.

James Ashelford said...

I know, DC is getting dangerously close to getting its act together these days.