Friday, 5 September 2014

Jane Foster is a creepy Silver Age girlfriend

She's a bit of a chameleon is The Mighty Thor's Jane Foster: she's been a nurse, a doctor, an astrophysicist and a hippie groupie type in various incarnations but of course, since she started off in the Silver Age, she was also intensely creepy and stalker-ish:
I don't know what issue this is from but it does illustrate the deep, terrifying levels of insanity Silver Age writers used to think was part and parcel of being a love interest. Still, I suppose that's one way of introducing agency and “strength” to a female character: the genuine belief that you can dominate a warrior god into submission.

It's insane, it's creepy and far from a healthy portrayal of female sexuality but sometimes with old comics you have to take whatever agency you can get. 

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