Thursday 11 September 2014

Space Hulk: The Self-Justification Phase

I'll say this for being a wargamer: its honed my sense of buyer's guilt to the point that I feel it BEFORE I've made the unwise purchase. On the one hand this is good and has prevented me from starting literally dozens of armies I didn't actually have the requisite time, cash or inspiration for. So yes, having geeked out for a bit over the possibility of Space Hulk being re-released and the re-release having been confirmed by leaked images I'm now having this running debate in my head:

Yay! Space Hulk is coming out again and I've just been paid at my fairly steady, safe job so I can afford it now like I couldn't in 2009!!”

Yes, but aren't you concentrating on your Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts at the moment?”

True, but its a limited release so if I want it I have to buy it now or never (or wait five years, possibly).”

You never play 40k anymore.”

Dan's getting back into it so I might do soon.”

What, with Tyranids? With Blood Angels?”

I might.”

You can't get a grip on Tyranids because you like writing characters and you hate the Blood Angels with their stupid colour-coded helmets.”

There are successor chapters.”

Yeah, there are three you like but a) there are bareheaded Terminators so they can't be Angels Sanguine; b) they're too blinged out to match your vision of Flesh Tearers; and c) you've never found a way to paint Lamenters you liked since they stopped making Tau Sept Ochre.”

Yeah, that does still rankle.”

You could always paint them purple and call them Soul Drinkers.”

Are you fucking kidding me?”


Look, bottom line: I've spent five years wishing I'd been able to scrape the doubloons together to buy this every time I see a picture of Sergeant bloody Lorenzo and his awesome cape. Quite besides, this might all be moot: I'm getting out of work at 7 tomorrow and it'll take me twenty minutes to get down to GW. It might even be sold out by the time I get there. Let's say I'll buy it if the ineffable machinations of fate allow me to and be done with the debate.”

You realise you're going to have to spend an extra tenner on round bases, right?”

So be it.”

Angels Encarmine?”

No way, I'd have to paint the Death Company white.” 

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