Sunday, 22 May 2016

Good luck, Cody

Yesterday, Cody Rhodes revealed on Twitter that he'd requested his released from WWE. Its a shame to see him go but at least its on his own terms and he's young enough that he can start over at another company if that's what he wants. Right now no one knows if he's retiring or just wants to move on or what.

So, Cody: if this is the end, thank you. If its not: I definitely look forward to seeing what you do next.

The man has always been a good worker but the last couple of years as Stardust he's really seemed to hit his stride. I was never much for the face mask gimmick and Legacy was minioning at its finest but Stardust I liked. Hell, it was a frequent joke in this house that I hoped WWE wasn't going to end up with a better version of the Joker than the DC Cinematic Universe.

So, whatever he's up to next I wish the man the best of luck. 

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