Saturday, 14 May 2016

Colour Tests All The Way Down II

Whilst painting those frustrating Skeleton Horse Archers, I discovered something interesting. It turns out that Balor Brown (aka mustard yellow) covers really well over the Zandri Dust undercoat. This gives me ideas, the curse of the hobbyist. We get ideas and its all downhill from there.

Mustard yellow is something of an obsession of mine. I used to be able to paint a fantastic mustard yellow but it required Tau Sept Ochre, one of the old base paints. More problematically, it required one of the design flaws of the old base paints: the way they absorbed inks like a sponge. I painted one great test model back in the day with the last drops in the pot and the very next week the new paint system came in and I couldn't replicate it.
That test model was a Lamenters Space Marine and working out how to do it again has been something of a low key obsession ever since. I'm sure I have a spare Marine lying around somewhere to test this method on.

And then we'll see what new methods I need to test elsewhere to finish that model.

For all my moaning, I'm only half serious. Part of the joy of this hobby is trying out new methods and everything I paint will see use some day. Quite besides which, I've really been hitting my stride again this last week. My tinkering with odds and ends has now resulted in me getting some Tomb Kings cavalry, some Night Goblin infantry and a Wood Elves character finished (pics to follow when I have time and good light to take them) and doing a little 40k sounds good. As monotonous as Space Marines can be, one sounds like a nice change of pace: artificial colours, smooth surfaces, a little freehand for the chapter symbol, all very different from what I've been painting the last week or so. 

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