Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pokemon Sky Trainer roleplay is a go!

Nintendo just revealed the starters and legendaries for Pokemon Sun and Moon and... boy, do I love it when a plan comes together!
So, yes, we have a dual Grass/Flying type starter, the spherically adorable Rowlet. Also, the legendary for Moon is a big bat thingy. All good news for me and my plan to roleplay a Sky-Trainer character. I genuinely wasn't expecting to get a Flying type starter, I think the only time that's even sort of happened is that Charmander evolves into one.

I actually picked up a cheap copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire this morning (they're good games to tinker with whilst I'm listening to audio plays) and I'm going to take it more “blind” than I did Pokemon X. With Pokemon X, I was perpetually checking out the weaknesses of my enemies on my smartphone. Honestly, I feel that's no more cheating than the strategy guides we used to have as kids but I would like to see how I do actually trying to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the types and items and so on.

The only thing I have to decide (for this and for Moon) is whether I'll be giving my trainer a new name or whether my Pokemon X character Vicki is going to be travelling the various regions Ash Ketchum style.

If I decide to go with a new character here, I think I'll call her Elspeth. 

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