Friday, 13 May 2016

Colour Test Turtles All The War Down

So it all started with me painting some Wood Elves Glade Guard. They needed dark red tunics because they're from Anmyr (as most of my army will be) but the effect just wasn't working. I'd slap on the Khorne Red, wash it black and then things would fall apart when it came to highlighting. Also, I couldn't work out what to do with the leathers on the models.

So I dug up a couple of Skull Pass Night Goblins from my bits box to run some colour tests on models that, frankly, I have no immediate use for and who'll be hidden by about thirty other models when I eventually do so it wouldn't matter if things came out a little scrappy.

Then I realised there were a couple different kinds of brown I needed to use on the Night Goblins: the shoes, the spear hafts, a pouch here and there.

So I undercoated those Tomb Kings Skeleton Horse Archers that had been causing me so much trouble. Yes, I finally finished building the bastards!

Right, so that's 26 models on the table so far plus the Glade Lord, Shadowdancer, Tomb Prince and Necrotect I'd been quietly chipping away at on the side. Luckily, this morning I got the finishing touches done on the Night Goblins and Horse Archers so now I can get back to painting the models I originally wanted to.

I really need to keep better notes on how I paint things because, literally, every one of the methods I've been experimenting with are ones I have used before and should have remembered. 

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