Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Warhammer Resources: Norba Miniatures

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Warhammer Resources, an occasional series highlighting third party resources for use in Warhammer Fantasy Battles now GW have done the honest thing and started cutting product left and right for the game they no longer care about. As a disclaimer, the products highlighted in this post are ones I haven't bought (yet) and so I can't vouch for physical quality or customer service

Yeah, bitter. You know why? Because my signature army, Bretonnia, no longer has a product range. I have what I have and that's it. Unless...
Norba Miniatures came to my attention the other day when my friend Matt sent me pics of their Not-Bretonnian Foot Knights (available with or without command models). They also have a Not-Great Unclean One and Not-Chaos Dwarfs, all of whom obviously are. Judging by the website photos the quality of the sculpts, whilst not up to modern GW standards, won't look too out of place, more like classic miniatures.
I've yet to research how easy and reliable Norba are to buy from and, like any new company, I suggest doing so before purchase but I remain cautiously hopeful for their future offerings. 

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Positive Oldhammer chap said...

Most importantrly, it means that other companies recognise that WFB has a future. There'll be others too. Who knows - this might ironically mean some of the canon but never developed races end up with analogues!