Friday, 6 May 2016

Tomb Kings cavalry (an exercise in frustration)

Building Tomb Kings Skeleton Horse Archers almost makes me appreciate the decision to cut the range. These might actually be the worst designed miniatures I've ever had to put together.

No, I'm serious. The riders aren't designed to fit on the horses; the quivers aren't designed to actually rest against the torso; nor are they designed to leave room for the skeleton's head to attach to the neck connector; and, the bows are so heavy on so small an arm connection that you have to hold it in place for ages before the glue will actually hold it in any position that looks halfway decent and even then it doesn't line up with the awkward angle the head is looking in unless you want it to look terrible.

Do I have any advice to make building these things easier. Yes! Don't! If you want any from now on you have to get them second hand anyway so just skip the twitch-inducing frustration of construction and buy them pre-build on eBay. 

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