Monday 1 January 2018


Last year was horrible, wasn't it? I briefly thought about going back to my 2017 New Year post to see how things went and... I can't be bothered. Last year was so horrible on so many levels I just want it gone.
Luckily for me, its a new year (yes it is!) and that means new goals and new projects.

Moffat Watchthrough

Its the end, but the moment has been prepared for. One of my favourite eras of Doctor Who has ended (certainly my favourite one I was actually around for) and so its time to see how it all stands up as a body of work. I'll be blogging my impressions episode by episode from The Eleventh Hour to Twice Upon A Time stopping at all stations. It'll be fun to revisit old favourites, re-evaluate the less-loved episodes and finally watch some of the early Capaldi stuff I skipped because I was a little burnt out on the series in 2014.

Address the backlog a bit

I have a stack of books, comics and DVDs I just plain haven't touched since buying them, not to mention a list of Netflix recommendations from friends. I bought these things to enjoy them and they're just sitting there. And some of this addressing will involve just chucking things away because I've realised if there's one thing I need to avoid its the sunk cost fallacy. In complement and contradiction of this...

Read Many New Things

I want to expand my reading horizons, especially with comics. I've fallen into a bit of a superhero rut and I want to vary my diet a bit. So I'll be regularly trying out new series, graphic novels, some manga and suchlike.

New Year, New Army: Grey Knights

My father misunderstood my Christmas list (not his fault, my handwriting is awful) and now I have Grey Knights. Not that I mind: its an army I've always liked the idea of so I'm rolling with it. If nothing else they'll make a nice allied detachment for when I take Imperial armies against Matt's Death Guard.

On the subject of hobby...

Paint Many Things

I continue to want to grow my miniature painting skills. I also want to put armies down on the table with more painted miniatures. To this end I have a simple goal:

By the end of the year I want to have completed 50 power (for 40k) or 500 points (for Fantasy) of all my current projects. That's a relatively small number of miniatures for each project which is a better fit for my magpie attention span than trying to concentrate on big, longterm hobby goals. This is also why I'm doing an elite army for New Year, New Army.

I also want to try and have at least one decent painting session a week so I can do a hobby log post every weekend with at least some progress. 

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