Wednesday 17 January 2018

The 50/500 Challenge: ground rules

I'm putting the finishes touches on the first models of the year and since I have this little goal of mine it seems a good idea to lay myself some ground rules. So, here we go...

The Objective
To complete 500 points or 50 power levels of miniatures for each of my hobby projects.

Rule #1: Points and Power Levels
The goals are 500 points of models for Fantasy and 50 power levels for 40k. This will not include intangibles: magic banners, extra wizard levels, wargear items not represented on the model and so on. Firstly, this locks off a potential avenue of “cheating” for me and, second, means that ultimately I'll have even more of an army finished at the end of the challenge.

Rule #2: The Definition of “Complete”
The model has to be fully painted and its basing complete. That seems pretty obvious when I come to write it.

Rule #3: Starting From Scratch Not Compulsory
This is all about dealing with backlog so any model that needs finishing can count towards the Challenge. Whether it needs painting from scratch like my shiny new Great Unclean One or something that just needs their bases sanded and painted like the rank of Squigs I found in an army case the other day it counts as completing a model and it adds to the total.

Rule #4: Whatever I get finished is good
I'll be honest with myself: I have a lot of different projects and not all of them are going to hit the goal. There are projects that won't reach the goal (I don't have 50 power of Nurgle Daemons and there's only about six models left to finish for my 1000 points of Sylvaneth). Whatever progress I make, whether I reach all my goals or not, is good.

Also, because there are some projects I really want to go to town on (most especially my Death Guard and Tyranids) I won't necessarily stop once I've reached the goal amount. 

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