Monday 29 January 2018

Project Log: Nurgle Questor Traitoris Knight #1

The other day I found a brand new Imperial Knight Warden kit on eBay for a respectable discount. Its a lovely model but I just can't justify paying as much as GW wants for it, especially as I intend to spend extra on converting it for blasphemous purposes.

This is me we're talking about. My soul belongs to Chaos and no way am I getting a centrepiece model this good and building it for the good guys. Rather, this knight will be made to accompany my Death Guard into battle and I'm going to try writing a project log series along the way.

Right now, of course, I'm waiting for the kit to arrive and sorting through my bits box for Nurglesque components. Here are my resources so far:

1x Imperial Knight Warden (brand new in box)

spare parts from the Great Unclean One kit
including all Rotigus components

spare parts from Death Guard Plague Marines and Blightlord Terminators

one unbuilt Dark Imperium Putrid Bloat-Drone

one Chaos Vehicle Accessory Sprue
(those wrought iron fence bits need not apply)

misc. spare parts of Putrid Blight-Kings
(possibly useless)

many, many Nurglings

There will now ensue several days of frantic sketching as I decide how best to turn the noble Imperial Knight into a massive, pustulent daemon engine. 

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