Tuesday 2 January 2018

New Year, New Army: Grey Knights

This whole project came about more by accident than design. My father asked for a list of miniatures I might want for Christmas, he read the list (written, in fairness, in my terrible handwriting) and went completely off script to get me a Grey Knights Strike Squad.

Fortuitous mistake.

It didn't take me long to convince myself I wanted a Grey Knights army. For one thing they're super-elite which means I can make a decent size army relatively quickly alongside my other projects. They're painted mainly in bright metallics which is unusual for me and a chance to grow my skills. Tactically they make enormous use of psychic powers and teleport assaults as central tactics which, again, is unusual for me.

Now, its usual in these circumstances to begin with a Start Collecting set. Unfortunately, Grey Knights don't have one (or perhaps fortunately as it would almost inevitably include a Stormraven) so I put together my own:

1x Grand Master Voldus
1x Grey Knights Strike Squad
1x Grey Knights Terminator Squad
Its a solid starting force. Using Voldus as a generic Grand Master, the Terminators a bog standard Terminator Squad and splitting the power armoured Grey Knights into a Strike Squad and a Purgation Squad it comes to 37 power. They have a very uniform colour scheme so I can start batch painting them as soon as they're built (which might take a while, the co-dependent assemblies on some of their weapons builds are just plain evil).

I also need to look into either kitbashing or ordering from Forge World a Grey Knights Dreadnought because, as far as I'm concerned, no Space Marine army is complete without a Dreadnought. 

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