Saturday 20 January 2018

One week project: Deathwatch Kill-Team

My POP Goes The Monkey Deathwatch shoulder pad sets arrived in the mail yesterday and I spent a pleasant afternoon building a six man Kill-Team. There's a fantastic reinvigorated to being able to expand beyond the one provided in the Kill-Team box set.

So I'm going to try and paint this Kill-Team across a couple of sessions this week.

Aside from the shoulder pads they have a simple and uniform colour scheme. This team (known informally as Team Shifty) is led by a Star Phantom and features an Exorcist, a Marine Malevolent, an Emperor's Hand, an Angel Sanguine and a Black Dragon. All chapters with dark secrets or suspicious reputations (apart from the Emperor's Hands who it turns out have no background whatsoever and I was thinking of someone else).

This will also be the final test phase for these 3D printed shoulder pads: they fit the models perfectly, were easy to remove from their sprue and have excellent detail. Now I just have to see how easy they are to paint. They are a little more delicately detailed than the GW equivalent so it may take extra effort to paint them properly (there's an Angels of Vigilance symbol so minutely detailed I genuinely worry about getting to that one). 

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