Wednesday 10 January 2018

She's, like, a strong and stable genius

No matter how engaged you are with politics there's always something that'll blindside you, especially in a governmental system as old as ours.

You see, the way popular culture has always portrayed cabinet reshuffles is as basically the most dictatorial thing a prime minister can do. You watch the likes of Yes, Minister or The Thick of It and whenever the mere possibility of a reshuffle comes up everyone's scrabbling for favour, seeking out the slightest rumour of who's going up or down or not moving at all.

At no point has anyone told me a minister can just refuse to be moved and yet a good portion of the government reacted to Theresa May's (the prime minister, not the pornstar) decision with a resolute “Nope. I'm happy here, I live here now.”

So, yeah, that's the strong and stable leadership this country is counting on to get us a good deal on Brexit: a prime minister who can't even tell her ministers what job they're meant to be doing.

At this point a vote of no confidence would be a mercy to the woman. 

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