Saturday 23 December 2017

Blue passports? Its a Brexit Miracle!

This is truly pathetic. One last bloody stupid thing before I take a break for Christmas.

The government has announced that following Brexit the UK will return to issuing blue passports. “Iconic” blue passports according to some news stories.


It has been almost nine months since Theresa May (the Prime Minister not the pornstar) invoked Article 50 and began the process of leaving the European Union. Nine months in which the UK government fought a pointless general election that lost them their majority and the rest of the time have just postured and sabotaged their own chances in negotiations. Our country's negotiating position was called “nostalgic and unrealistic” by EU officials for the simple reason that it is nostalgic and unrealistic.

Blue passports are, of course, not something we need to negotiate with the EU on. All of that is still up in the air aside from the EU's demand that we pay them £50 billion in as a divorce settlement. Blue passports are a British government decision which is good because its not like we've actually managed to make any headway in actually negotiating with the EU on anything.

At least this is something, though, right? At least the government is thinking about what life in the UK will be like after Brexit, yes?

So, blue passports.

Not the status of the Irish land border; not European doctors and nurses; not how to keep our agricultural sector afloat without EU subsidy... blue bloody passports.

Iconic blue passports.

This, truly, is the sovereignty that Brexiteers voted for: the inalienable right to carry your passport in a little blue folder instead of a little red folder because how dare those European cuck snowflakes demand that we sacrifice our sacred, God ordained blue plastic documentation coverings.


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