Friday 12 January 2018

Well, bugger

My order of 3D printed Deathwatch iconography has been cancelled at the seller's end. Sadly, he was served a cease and desist on the product by Games Workshop or so says the e-mail I was sent.

Oh well, them's the breaks when you buy third party. Pity. Still, most everything else the seller offered before is still available so I took my refund and a little extra money and bought a couple of sets of his Deathwatch shoulder pads. I won't get as many individual marines out of the set as I think I would have got out of the sprue (between repeated shoulder pads and “commons” you also get on the Deathwatch Kill-Team sprue there are 25 of the 30 pads I've ordered are useful to me).

On the plus side these specific sets have some interesting chapters the sprue didn't like the Marines Malevolent, the Iron Lords and the Angels Sanguine. I'm really looking forward to creating interesting teams out of these new options. 

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