Sunday 9 July 2017

Trying out some alternative miniatures companies

Whilst trawling eBay for cheap Death Guard stuff, I stumbled on two interesting miniatures companies with innovative attitudes towards trademark law. Still, morality aside, they had things I wanted so I decided to order a miniature from each to see how they stood up. My last experience with such things, a Russian maker who did superb BFG ships, worked out well enough so here we go.
First up, “W” Artel's “Inquisitor Gregor”, a 28mm version of Not Eisenhorn Honest Guv. In my case, he'll be getting a head swap and some alternative weapons to become my Xenos Inquisitor Laurento Hex (appropriately enough). The detail on the miniature looks amazing. What's more, I checked their Facebook page and they had a long post apologising for delaying a much-anticipated model from sale because of casting flaws on the first production run, flaws that didn't even seem that pronounced.

And then there's the fact that they have in the works this:
Yes, superbly detailed models for Commissar Cain and Gunner (first class, sort of) Ferik Jurgen. They will, apparently, go on sale later this month or early next and I am absolutely getting them, the Cain novels being my favourite series Black Library has ever put out (yes, I know they're repetitive but they're fun!).

The other company I'm giving a try is Warex Miniatures and the test model will also be for my Inquisition: the Inquisitor Dominator With Power Sword:
That's a fantastic henchman model. Its so over the top with the giant sword and all the augmetics on the figure itself. My concept for this fellow is that he's a duellist who's aged past his prime and the Inquisition have layered more and more augmetics on him to keep him combat effective.

Warex also make a Not Death Guard conversion kit for the Rhino APC which just has to be seen to be believed.
I love all the detail that has gone into this. I mean, between the cost of this set and the Rhino that I won't actually be using much of it will make the thing cost about £60 but since I only intend to have one mounted unit of Death Guard that's a price I'm willing to pay for that much coolness.

Now, hopefully, both test miniatures will arrive in decent condition. 

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