Saturday 22 July 2017

Reading Tea Leaves: the new Young Justice line-up

I put my hands up, I did rather sleep on the original two seasons of Young Justice. In my defence I don't know if there was any way for me to actually support it since it never seems to have come out on DVD out here. I've seen a couple of episodes on Youtube and it seems interesting enough and definitely something that someday, eventually I'd get around to watching.

Well, someday is right now because DC just announced the team line-up for season three and it is glorious:
I mean, its a line-up of some of my very favourite of DC's teen superheroes (plus Arsenal and Beast Boy). Its got Tim (I presume that's Tim in Red Robin mode, I guess it could be Damian but looks too old), Bart, Cass and Arrowette. That's four of the six foundational members of Peter David's Young Justice. I mean, I doubted Secret would ever turn up, though I am curious about Superboy's absence.

That having been said, whoever thought we'd see Arrowette on television? She's hardly a famous face, long eclipsed by Mia Dearden as Speedy.

(I miss Mia. Come on, DC, rebirth that girl...)

Then there's Jaime standing next to a character that the write-ups inform me is called Thirteen. I can only hope that means Traci 13, who was an amazing character in the original Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle ongoing and I am constantly annoyed by her demotion to walk-in cameos in Superwoman.

Static is always nice to see in these things, especially after how shortchanged the character got in the comics last time he was prominent. I think his title was one of the first cancellations of the New 52 and I don't think he's been seen since. I like the redesign, I've always prefered the versions of Static that lean more towards street clothes than a traditional costume.

And Spoiler! Oh, if there's one DC pairing I ship more than Jaime and Traci its Tim and Steph. And her new design is so damn cool. I can't wait for a wider audience to experience this character. This character has meant so much so deeply to a certain generation of comics fans (of which I am, unshamedly, a part) and having her break into the big time here warms the heart.

And Arsenal and Beast Boy are... there, I guess. Still, I shan't complain, as an Outsiders live-up this is pretty much perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Now, to find halfway decent copies of the first two seasons ro be caught up before this debuts...

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