Thursday 6 July 2017

The Fate pf Konor I: The Dark Muster begins

My initial plan, of course, was to enter the local store's Fate Of Konor league with my Flesh Tearers. However, standing there with my sign-up slip in front of a wall filled with names attached to Primaris Marine armies, I changed my mind. Death Guard it is, which I'm glad of because the Dark Imperium models and Grave Wardens are proving so much fun to paint.

I also just enjoy being the villain, if I'm honest. Villains are just so much fun to write, I love developing background for them. My Lord of Contagion, Scrofulous Bezoar, will be leading his Vectorum into Ultramar come the end of the month.

So, what do I have? Finished: nothing. Aside from a couple of models I'm reconditioning (some old Plague Marines and a Helbrute), this army started with Dark Imperium.

So, at various stages of just started I have the Dark Imperium set; those old Plague Marines and Helbrute; a unit of Grave Wardens; and, a unit of Terminators built with old Forge World Plague Terminator torsos. Unbuilt I have twenty more Poxwalkers and a second Bloat Drone straight from eBay. Meanwhile, in the post I have the parts necessary to make both a unit of Fallen and a unit of Possessed (the latter hybridising MkIII armour and the actual Possessed kit).

All together that's well on its way to the “standard” 75 power level the local GW is treating as the new average size game, probably beyond it but I can't be bothered with mathematics right now. Most of the models I've started have their main colours done and it won't take me long to get the extra Drone and Poxwalkers built and up to the same stage.

Now, to get painting...

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