Friday 14 July 2017

Expectations vs. Supergirl

I follow the Arrowverse shows on DVD. As far as I know they're not on any of the free channels here and even with three of us in the house we don't watch enough television to justify shelling out for a larger package. What this means is that through spoilers, people grumbling or celebrating online and just plain cultural osmosis, I tend to know a fair bit about these shows before I see them.

That's not usually much of a problem for me but it does mean that I tend to have a lot of expectations going into a new season.

So, anyway, my favourite Arrowverse show is Supergirl. I loved the first season and I dread the second without having seen any of it yet.

Its Mon-El, okay? I've heard too much about Mon-El. Its not that I particularly ship Kara and James Olsen, though it does baffle me that after all that build-up in season one they're just going to let that drop, but every single word I have seen written about Mon-El makes him seem like exactly the sort of toxic, controlling masculinist dickhead that season one spent so much damn time calling out.

Also, I know there's going to be a severe shortage of Callista Flockheart.

All hope lies in me liking Maggie Sawyer, I think.

Obviously, this is all speculation and maybe Mon-El isn't as bad as I've been told, maybe (impossibly) I won't miss Cat and her undeniable sexual tension/mentorship with Kara and all will be well? If nothing else it'll be interesting to see how impressions I've had so long to form match up to the reality.

Eh, there's the crossover to look forward to, at least.

I'm really certain I'm going to hate Mon-El.

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