Friday 7 July 2017

More Jessica Cruz and Guy Gardner, please

Now, I've warmed to Simon over the last year. I never hated the character but it has to be said DC didn't do the best job of selling him during the New 52. He was introduced and after Geoff Johns left the series he was just sort of... there. Jessica Cruz, however, I instantly loved when Green Lanterns launched. I didn't follow Forever Evil (which I think is where she was introduced) so she was a new character to me. I love her, I love how she's used as a vehicle for psychological issues not usually dealt with in superhero comics, I love her design (the cool eye thingy especially)...

I love her and Guy Gardner together. I've been catching up on the GL titles and just finished the Lost In Space arc of Green Lanterns where Jessica and Simon are summoned to Mogo for a training day. Simon gets to work on his creativity with Kyle, which ties back to his issues with giving up his gun, and Jessica gets Guy as her drill instructor.

Naturally, Guy has to be Guy about things and goes all drill sergeant from hell on her, pushes her to her breaking point and she lamps him.
And, my goodness, but it works. For all the progress he's made since the early JLI days, Guy is still no the best at emotions. I mean, this is man went to confront the former second-in-command of the Sinestro Corps in his shirtsleeves and when he's confronted with a Lantern who has to get past her anxiety to earn her badge, of course he pushes way harder than he should and she thumps him.

After which, of course, he starts complimenting her after spending a day tearing her down. Guy has a very direct an not entirely healthy approach to people earning his respect.
Guy's a mess of issues, that's not news, but so is Jessica. When the two fight for real, the fight that has Guy declare Jess fit for duty (because, again, Guy), he explains to her how he used to get in his own way. He does it in the most cocky, self-aggrandising way imaginable (again...) but he is making a genuine effort to connect with her.

And, I wonder, does he see something of Ice in her? Because with most of the other human Lanterns, there's a lot said of the people they lost: Hal's father, Katma Tui, Alex deWitt, Nazir's coma, Kilowog's family if we want to extend the point. These events define a lot of those Lantern's relationships.

Guy lost Tora who, truth be told, had more than a little anxiety of her own and it was only after her death that Guy really examined his behaviour. A lot of his actions since have been about being the better man he believes she deserved.

Not that I want Guy and Jessica to hook up, good grief no! That wouldn't be good for either of them, but one thing this arc does point out is that Jessica is seriously missing out on mentoring. Simon is not much more experienced than she is, really, and Guy as a teacher (which is, legitimately, his civilian profession) is something I feel we could do with seeing more of. 

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