Tuesday 4 July 2017

eBay: the only way to buy Forge World miniatures

My grudges against Forge World, specifically their quality control, are neither unique nor something I've ever been quiet about but this past week something happened to throw it all into sharp relief.

Yesterday, I received a package in the post. It was some Death Guard Grave Warden Terminators I'd ordered from a seller on eBay. I bought them from a seller of second hand wargames miniatures called Recycled-Marine.
Now, here's the thing about the models I received: they were de-flashed; built; primed; they had no mismoulds (or if there were any, they were filled in prior to priming); I saved £19 on the RRP; and, there was even a slip included in the packaging with contact details if I had any problems with my purchase quite.

It struck me as pretty bad, practically indefensible, that a random eBay store had better quality control than the original makers. That's not how capitalism is meant to work. Forge World should be incentivising purchasing from them directly but they simply don't offer anywhere near the assured quality of being able to see a photograph of the models on eBay.

Think about it: effectively, because of packaging, any model I buy is sight unseen. I have a box of Custodes on my desk right now that I haven't opened because I'm saving building them for when I get a big audio box set later in the month. The thing is, I can feel pretty much assured that the sprues inside are properly moulded and if they aren't I can easily get a refund or replacement by wandering down town to the local GW store.

Forge World has none of that. Being an internet business their returns policy is a bugger and their resin is terrily fragile and prone to distortion with no way for me to inspect them before purchase.

There are a lot of things I like about Forge World. Since they get to budget for a niche audience within the hobby they can greenlight projects that Citadel Miniatures can't guaratee a return on. There's a Lost And The Damned range of miniatures because of this, there are Legion-specific units because of this, there are Chaos Dwarfs because of this.

I just wish I could buy more of it without worrying it'll come to me in a completely unuseable condition. 

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