Monday, 24 July 2017

Frank Miller's Superman: Year One?

I'm not going to say it won't be interesting. One thing that can be said for Frank Miller is that his work is never uninteresting.

Don't get me wrong, my first instinct was to wonder which prominent supporting female character will end up as a prostitute. I doubt DC would let him do that to Lois Lane, so I guess that Cat Grant will be the one on the game. Maybe Kara if DC really let him off the leash because, well, any chance to be creepy about dubiously legal women, right?

Miller has always insisted that he does like Superman and the impression that he doesn't is because of he's only written Superman from Batman's perspective and his man crush on Bruce Wayne got in the way. I'll be honest, most modern Miller project are more interesting as thought experiments than an actual stories. Plus, there is the fact this might be heavily co-authored like Dark Knight III was.

Maybe Jimmy Olsen will have taken up whoring. 

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