Saturday 8 July 2017

Events, nostalgic numerology and accessibility

Ugh, this...
Marvel, for the love of God, just tell good stories and sell them in accessible places. Its not that a difficult idea. Enough with the events, already. And what is all this renumbering about? I just can't see how this is a selling point at all. I'm not fond of the way series get a new #1 every time they change creative team or direction but I understand the argument that it provides easily recognisable jumping on points (if they were sold in places people could see them to recognise the opportunity...).

And just... we're only halfway through the Secret Empire Nazipalooza (because you keep adding issues to it), that terrifying dead weight on your audience's wallets, what do you want to be hyping another event for?

I would really like this medium I love to continue. Considering its the source material for the biggest thing in mass market entertainment right now, that shouldn't be too tall an order. However, if your best attempt at attracting readers is an event based on pandering to old-time fans, slapping bigger numbers on the covers, that requires a chart then, to be frank, I'm not laying down serious money on the bet.

The crux of the issue is Ultimates, a really good comic that keeps being interrupted. The first twelve issue run dribbled off into a Civil War II tie-in and now the ongoing narrative of the second is being sandbagged by Secret Empire filler.

The title gets twelve installments a year. Its main story is clearly driving to a point but it keeps having to pause to make room for whatever wank Marvel has decided is so good for us it can interrupt the series we want to read for months on end.


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