Friday 21 April 2017

Too sick to review, gonna moan instead

I am currently in a lot of hayfever pain. Puffy, itchy eyes; sore throat; skin rash where I rested my arm inside a sleeve against some grass the other day. Worse yet, until the rash happened I thought this was a cold so I spent two sodding days self-medicating with the wrong medication.

So, I can't really review this week's comics because I can't read the things. Instead I am just going to moan about Secret Empire aka Nazi Captain America and his House of Flying Controversy and the fact that it is going to mildly inconvenience me in the coming months.

I don't want to read Secret Empire. Captain America the secret Nazi doesn't interest me as an angle. It doesn't exactly offend me, it just strikes me as a sort of bland controversy bait that's I've seen enough times before. I get why a lot of people are offended, its a pretty damned offensive idea to flip the moral centre of the Marvel Universe to be a Nazi; Nick Spencer has not helped the issue by taking to Twitter to insist that Hydra totally aren't Nazis, honest guv. Of course, that line of argument hit a brick wall of Agents Of SHIELD gifs from that scene where Skye explains to Ward in detail that HYDRA ARE BLOODY NAZIS!

Then there was a whole thing where apparently Magneto is going to be on Hydra's side in this because it makes huge amounts of sense for Magneto, the Jewish concentration camp survivor who married a Romani woman, to side with a neo-Nazi movement.

So you can understand why I woud want to skip this one.

Except I can't. This week, even as I ignore the zero issue and the first tie-in of the Steve Rogers title this bloody story makes its presence known in U.S.Avengers, my favourite Marvel title at the moment.

Usually I'm really invested in these big Marvel events and its only now one has come along I actively want to avoid that I'm really thinking about how intrusive these things are. Titles I like are going to have to waste time dealing with the events and consequences of this bollocks that could be spent on things like more scene of Squirrel Girl and Rescue in tuxedos or Danielle Cage being a better Captain America than any of the characters wielding the shield full time at the moment.

They're storytelling road blocks and its a coin flip whether the tie-in issues are going to be completely incomprehensible things that I could skip because they're totally about the crossover or whether they'll just play lip service to the thing and just be a normal issue with things I want to read because they're about the series.

Or they could be a frustrating mix of the two.

So, yay for issues full of Nazi bullshit getting in the way of my reading enjoyment. 

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