Sunday 2 April 2017

Hobby Goals #14 and #15: Pay and Spray

Let's jump straight into Flesh Tearers Month with some... okay, to be honest, housekeeping exercises to set an agenda whilst I spend my hobby time filling in details on the Sylvaneth I've spent the last month finishing all the boring bits on.

Hobby Goal #14
Write a 1,500 points army list

One of the reasons I decided to build this army in the first place was because I had a bunch of Space Marine kits lying around and I wanted to do something with them. As a result, I reckon I probably have a decent sized army if I just got around to organising it. So, I should write an army list to decide what to paint first and also work out just what I have and how much its worth points wise.

Hobby Goal #15
Test out Mephiston Red spray

I've recently discovered how useful sprays that aren't Chaos Black can be. Whilst the main colour of Flesh Tearers is the good and noble Khorne Red, I have found that it comes out rather patchy over black when painting large areas. My chosen guinea pig for this experiment will be the plastic Blood Angels Terminator Captain. He came with the Start Collecting set and, nice as he is, I don't think I would have bought him otherwise. Nothing against the model but he is a bit glorious to be a Flesh Tearer and I view him more as a stop gap option until I can convert myself a nice, bespoke Captain of my own. 

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